Have you ever stayed up all night crying and wishing to just get lost into the deep ocean of frastration,anger,regrets, rejections and sadness?That feeling is worse,it runs down and cuts through the soul and when it bleeds it paints everywhere black.When you try to coat it with white,it fades away and remains as dark as […]

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I want change

Greatness doesn’t come out of luck or showoffs.When did we start searching for it? Someone wants to run for a political position but finds greatness after an organized “political donation”to underprivileged society,someone wants recognition from people who by far have gone through the toughest times on earth. I don’t mean politicians only. Few individual have […]

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Embrace your strides

I have realised that time and progress is closely related,you can never chase dreams without progress and progress does actually go hand in hand with time.Time acts when the progress has matured enough. Dont ever compare your progress with that of someone else,you are special,when you were born,you came to the world at your own […]

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Rising up all over again

Life comes in different ways,bitter,sweet and bittersweet.Today you may fall down,tomorrow emerge a victor. It all depends on how you take it.A point in your life may make you change whatever plans or opinion you had for yourselves but don’t be too quick to act on them.Sometimes a deep breath or a light bath can […]

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Rain is here

Its friday at 16:12PM east African Time,raining outside.Birds chirping because of the new planting season and am so excited because rainy season is my best,weird!yea but i love it.No scorching sun of 40degreesC and at least time management will be observed by many.No idle walking but i will miss some of the adventures like bicycle […]

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Anger Side

Sometimes anger makes us feel like we deserved something better,yes you may feel rejected,disrespected,turned down but remember anger is crown for unforgettable actions that leads to regrets later. So stay calm…breath in and out,you will be sorted.Dont let anger control you,it diminishes your worth or the reflection of you!

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Self company

I love having my own space.When alone,i find the atmost peace i always wish for,far from people’s gossips,political analysts who happen to talk about politics to anyone they find,that irritates alot. Sometimes all my heart needs is a clear space or rather silence where it can choose what it needs purposely for personal decision making. […]

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